2015-2016 Regional Club League
Team Schedules - Winter Girls Under 11 Div 2
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ALL A      

  Tie Breaker
Group -- A 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  Total
Goal DiffGoals For
 A7 : Seattle United G04 Samba C033333318 10  17 
 A4 : PacNW G04 Maroon A133033114 2  9 
 A6 : Eastside FC G04 White B033301111 5  10 
 A2 : SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK A30300309 -2  9 
 A5 : Washington Rush G04 A30030118 -2  4 
 A3 : Kitsap Alliance FC G04 A10303018 -3  6 
 A8 : WPFC G04 White B00310037 2  12 
 A1 : Harbor Premier G04 Green A03000104 -12  7 

Bracket - Saturday, January 09, 2016
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 78860  Starfire Sports Complex  09:00 AM  10 A4 vs A3PacNW G04 Maroon A 1 vs.Kitsap Alliance FC G04 A1
 78854  Glacier Peak High School  12:00 PM  Aux A2 vs A1SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK A 4 vs.Harbor Premier G04 Green A2
 78867  Preston Park  12:45 PM  3 A6 vs A5Eastside FC G04 White B 0 vs.Washington Rush G04 A1

Bracket - Saturday, January 16, 2016
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 78855  Snohomish High School  09:00 AM  Low A2 vs A4SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK A 0 vs.PacNW G04 Maroon A2

Bracket - Saturday, January 23, 2016
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 78852  Gig Harbor High School  09:15 AM  2 A1 vs A5Harbor Premier G04 Green A 2 vs.Washington Rush G04 A1
 78871  Van Asselt Elementary  09:30 AM  1 A7 vs A2Seattle United G04 Samba C 2 vs.SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK A3
 78862  Starfire Sports Complex  02:00 PM  10 A4 vs A8PacNW G04 Maroon A 2 vs.WPFC G04 White B0

Bracket - Sunday, January 24, 2016
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 78872  Van Asselt Elementary  12:30 PM  1 A7 vs A3Seattle United G04 Samba C 2 vs.Kitsap Alliance FC G04 A1
 78869  Preston Park  02:00 PM  3 A6 vs A2Eastside FC G04 White B 1 vs.SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK A0

Bracket - Saturday, January 30, 2016
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 78851  Gig Harbor High School  09:00 AM  2 A1 vs A3Harbor Premier G04 Green A 0 vs.Kitsap Alliance FC G04 A3
 78864  Mill Creek Sports Park (Freedom Field)  12:00 PM  1 A5 vs A7Washington Rush G04 A 0 vs.Seattle United G04 Samba C2
 78868  Preston Park  12:45 PM  3 A6 vs A8Eastside FC G04 White B 1 vs.WPFC G04 White B0

Bracket - Saturday, February 06, 2016
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 78865  Mill Creek Sports Park (Freedom Field)  09:00 AM  1 A5 vs A2Washington Rush G04 A 1 vs.SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK A0
 78878  WPFC Soccer Complex  09:00 AM  4b A8 vs A1WPFC G04 White B 7 vs.Harbor Premier G04 Green A1
 78873  Van Asselt Elementary  12:00 PM  1 A7 vs A4Seattle United G04 Samba C 4 vs.PacNW G04 Maroon A1
 78857  Silverdale Stadium  03:30 PM  STDM A3 vs A6Kitsap Alliance FC G04 A 0 vs.Eastside FC G04 White B5

Bracket - Sunday, February 07, 2016
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 78866  Mill Creek Sports Park (Freedom Field)  09:00 AM  1 A5 vs A4Washington Rush G04 A 0 vs.PacNW G04 Maroon A1

Bracket - Saturday, February 20, 2016
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 78861  Starfire Sports Complex  09:00 AM  9 A4 vs A1PacNW G04 Maroon A 0F vs.Harbor Premier G04 Green A
Forfeited Game
 78874  Jefferson  10:30 AM  N A7 vs A6Seattle United G04 Samba C 1 vs.Eastside FC G04 White B0
 78876  WPFC Soccer Complex  01:30 PM  4b A8 vs A5WPFC G04 White B 1 vs.Washington Rush G04 A1

Bracket - Saturday, February 27, 2016
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 78870  Preston Park  12:45 PM  3 A6 vs A1Eastside FC G04 White B 1 vs.Harbor Premier G04 Green A1
 78877  WPFC Soccer Complex  01:30 PM  4a A8 vs A3WPFC G04 White B 0 vs.Kitsap Alliance FC G04 A1

Bracket - Sunday, February 28, 2016
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 78875  TBD   --    --  A8 vs A7WPFC G04 White B 1 vs.Seattle United G04 Samba C3
 78859  Silverdale Stadium  12:30 PM  STDM A3 vs A2Kitsap Alliance FC G04 A 0 vs.SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK A1

Bracket - Saturday, March 05, 2016
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 78853  Harbor Ridge Middle School  09:00 AM  MS A1 vs A7Harbor Premier G04 Green A 1 vs.Seattle United G04 Samba C3
 78863  Starfire Sports Complex  10:15 AM  3 A4 vs A6PacNW G04 Maroon A 2 vs.Eastside FC G04 White B2
 78856  Snohomish High School  11:00 AM  Low A2 vs A8SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK A 1 vs.WPFC G04 White B3
 78858  Silverdale Stadium  05:00 PM  STDM A3 vs A5Kitsap Alliance FC G04 A 0 vs.Washington Rush G04 A0

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